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“The Weather Wheel”: An interview with Mimi Khalvati

Back in January of 2015 I met with Mimi in her flat in Stoke Newington, full of questions about (and barely concealed admiration for) her latest collection, The Weather Wheel, which had been published only a few months earlier. The hour-long interview was printed in the 4th issue of HARK magazine (March 2015). Here I reprint the interview and include the pieces which Mimi read, with the kind permission of […]

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Quantum Poetics: in search of poetry’s elementary particles

A few years ago I was in Rome and I visited the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Even though I found it breathtaking in scope and execution, with its grand proportions, fluid lines-of-sight and enormous gilded ceiling, I wasn’t inspired. I took a seat and closed my eyes, already thinking about my next stop in the city. As I was getting ready to leave, I looked up and was caught […]

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Reading from “The Tower of Fools”

*  *  * Fairy Tale Undisputed Can you see the fig tree, the weird fig tree? It is surrounded by sick angels sitting on Byzantine ruins. Can you hear its leaves breathing? Leaves become hands, in this moonlight, gripping the ancient stone. You are warned not to sleep under the tree: it is liked by snakes and traitors. Don’t even rest here – find an open space and wait for […]

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