Quote for Part II?

It is assumed that the identity of the person rests on that of consciousness. If, however, we understand by this merely the continuous recollection of the course of life, then it is not enough. We know, it is true, something more of the course of our life than of a novel we have formerly read, yet only very little indeed. The principal events, the interesting scenes, have been impressed on us; for the rest, a thousand events are forgotten for one that has been retained. In consequence of our relation to the external world, we are accustomed to regard the subject of knowing, the knowing I, as our real self. This, however, is the mere function of the brain, and is not our real self. Our true self, the kernel of our inner nature, is that which is to be found behind this, and which really knows nothing but willing and not-willing.

Arthur Schopenhauer

(from ‘The World as Will and Representation’, 1818)

I might end up using this quote for Part II, which I’ve started working on this morning.

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